Austen Activities

Walnut Hill–photo by Lisa Brown.



We received this information from the Connecticut JASNA group:

Greetings from the JASNA Connecticut Chapter: We wanted to let you know that our chapter is finalizing details on its first ever Jane Austen Summer Camp, which will be held July 26-28, 2013. It will be held at the Inn at Middletown, in lovely Middletown, CT, and there will be fun and educational workshops, interesting keynotes, a promenade, and a dance workshop and Regency ball. Anyone from our neighboring states is welcome to attend, so we hope you’ll let JASNA New York/Rochester members know about it.

All the information currently available has been posted on the event blog, which is

Details will be updated as they are solidified, and the summer camp brochure—with the weekend rates and registration information—will be distributed and posted online soon.

Regards, Stephani Miller, JASNA-CT publicity coordinator

6 responses to “Austen Activities

  1. Check out this Ebay auction. Very rare and fun to see.


    Item number: 160654534474

  2. I’ve started reading some of the Jane Austen fan-fiction. The reinterpretations, continuations, and adaptations by writers who seem to love Miss Austen’s work as much as we do. I bought some books, but know that it would be impossible to buy everything ever written in this category. I’m sure many JASNA members also read fan-fiction, so I thought we could start a Circulating Library.
    We could maintain a list (either here on the web, using a program like Delicious Library, or in a notebook at the meetings) of fan-fiction titles owned by members who are willing to lend them out to other members. Then books could be lent and traded at the meetings. I would be willing to throw in the first 4 titles with another rather lengthy series to follow once I’ve read them.
    If this sounds like something that might interest anyone, I’d like to discuss it at our October or November meeting.

  3. Another rare ebay find…
    Jane AUSTEN Emma A Novel 1816 First Edition
    Item number: 120749849890
    Buy it now at $28,250. I’m sure one of you will snap this up right away.

  4. An invite to all here to the Jane Austen Centre Online Forum direct from Bath UK or @JAConline on twitter

  5. I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this now. I just moved to the area and I absolutely love Jane Austen. Maybe in the Fall I can get involved. By the way, are any of you familiar with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Look for it on YouTube. It’s a modern web series on Pride and Prejudice. Very well told.

  6. We are just returning from Jane’s birthday party at the Chatterbox Club in Rochester. There was a guest speaker who was superb, the traditional Kipling toast to Jane, happy birthday sung by all. A huge cake with beautiful costumed figures was displayed before we cut into it. If you didn’t make it this year, come next–usually the 2nd Sat in Dec.

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