Upstate “Juvenilia” Group?

As you may know, JASNA-New York Metro has an active “Juvenilia” group for JASNA members forty and younger who are interested in gathering for activities, trips, films, etc. beyond regular JASNA meetings.  JASNA Rochester and JASNA Syracuse would like to explore an “Upstate” Juvenilia group for younger members who might like to do things like go out to eat together, host “mother-daughter” (or “father-daughter” or “aunt-niece”) events, seek adventure, or plan travel.

Does this sound interesting to you?  JASNA is a welcoming group to Jane Austen fans of all ages.  A Juvenilia group won’t divide us–it will provide more opportunities to explore Jane Austen’s works and cultural context.

Drop us a comment if you’d like to help get a “younger” group started.  Feel free to share this idea with friends who might like Jane Austen but don’t know about JASNA yet.

3 responses to “Upstate “Juvenilia” Group?

  1. I’d definitely be interested!

  2. As soon as I’m back from England, I’ll definitely be interested!

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